Gain visibility into and increase the number of your visitors and your conversion rate with Prediseo, specialized in SEO.

About Prediseo

The company

Prediseo accompanies various web projects with the first objective of increasing the traffic. Prediseo develops a software in predictive SEO technology: the goal is to anticipate and automate actions to improve positions of our clients in search engines.

Expertise on different digital strategies

Specializing in SEO, our experts are familiar with other digital strategies such as paid search, price comparison and Social Media. Each client has specific needs and issues. Must we determine which digital medium to use to respond effectively.

We give you the keys to your success

Visibility in the search engines must be worked daily, and we transmits our knowledge and expertise to our clients to make them autonomous and efficient in managing their digital investments. This process is done through various appointments and training but also thanks to the many recommendations issued throughout the duration of our engagement.

A predictive SEO solution

The tools developed are the realization of several years of reflection on how a search engine works over time. Indeed, Prediseo develops and markets solutions that powerful scientific decrypt, anticipate and automate the best SEO for web professionals. These solutions reduce the cost of SEO by 40%.


Creation of the first company, web agency specializing in website design in the Joomla CMS and WordPress for local SMEs (real estate, home service, e-learning).
Repositioning to the Board in providing qualified audience via the search engines to e-commerce sites.
Software project to improve the performance of SEO. Incubation with institutional partners: Business Innovation Center in Montpellier (Cap Omega) and Innov'up in Nîmes.
Prediseo has won the 2010 national competition for the creation of innovative technology companies organized by the Ministry of Research and OSEO. Integration within the incubator National Belle de Mai in Marseille.
Creation of SAS Prediseo. Extension of the R & D team. Marketing tools SEO.
The company has been awarded a second time: it is part of the national winners' creation and development "of the 14th edition of the national competition for the creation of innovative technology companies organized by the Ministry of Research and OSEO.

The service quality

Customer Service

We consider each relationship with our clients as a win / win partnership. To best meet your needs to acquire qualified audience, we are constantly listening to your problem in order to respond promptly and with a quality requirement. This requires a quick response to your questions in 24 hours, appointments, physical and phone contacts prepared at each step of your project, reporting accurate with attention to return on investment, a retro detail all our actions performed or future.

Innovations and know-how controlled

In Prediseo, our teams are on standby to permanently make you benefit from innovative solutions with high added value. Approximately 10 % to 20 % of our time is devoted to economic intelligence that we place at the heart of our development strategy. In everything we do, we realize with questionings permanent in the service of creativity. We always look further, a new perspective and without prejudice. To evolve and adapt to faster compared to new technologies, we also attach great importance to transparency and constructive criticism and positive in order to strengthen our competitiveness and know-how.

Our offices


Prediseo Paris
75 rue de Douai
75009 Paris
P: +33(0)1 83 64 98 00
F: +33(0)9 72 23 35 66
Prediseo Nice
Head Office
10 avenue Cyrille Besset
Batiment A
06100 Nice
Tel : +33(0)4 84 25 21 30 30
Fax : +33(0)9 72 23 35 66
Prediseo Marseille
Incubateur Belle de Mai
37 Rue Guibal
13003 Marseille
P: +33(0)4 22 13 00 00
F: +33(0)9 72 23 35 66

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