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SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is to bring sustainable and ideally one page of a website in the first position on a given keyword in a search engine. According to a study XiTi Monitor is in 2012 one of the most effective marketing levers to acquire a qualified audience in relation to your business. In a research, 85% of people click on a natural link according to the book “The Art of SEO” published in 2009. It is therefore important not to overlook the SEO. SEO is a job that requires a lot of expertise because the rules engine rankings change regularly.

You get qualified visitors through search engines then you can increase your ratio visits / sales. In 2010, nearly 50 % of merchants in France are highly dependent of engines in terms of audience. On average, the search engines account for 50 % of total traffic. An e-commerce site for used cars, for example, will increase its turnover, it is positioned on the keyword “cars sales opportunities.”
By hauling in top positions, it allows you to quickly increase the number of visits. According to a study conducted in early 2011 by the company Optify, be positioned on a keyword in the first 3 positions allows you to have 60% ​​of visits. Be positioned in the top results is therefore essential to increase the number of visitors and thus your sales.
SEO is working on long-term and results are seen 2-3 months after the initial optimizations. Indeed Google takes some time before indexing all pages of the site and will appear in the search results. Conducting the best priority actions using our expertise, you get a lasting visibility on the web and you strengthen your reputation in the long term. On average your traffic increases by 20 % in 6 months.
Ranking algorithms of search engines are constantly evolving and involve hundreds of criteria (semantic, technical, popularity, ergonomic, marketing …). Our consultants and technicians accompany you to position a sustainable and stable in top positions in Google. We also pass a portion of our skills and our expertise to go independent in managing your daily SEO.

Paid search allows you to position your website in the top positions in search engines. This is also known as sponsored links. This involves buying keywords of your choice auction with a cost per click (CPC). These ads are usually located on the top and right column of the search engine. In addition, these ads give you a high return since after using paid search, 23% of e-commerce sites found that sponsored links offer a better conversion rate than other traffic sources. They are then paying the lever more efficient in terms of conversion rates.

Paid search positions you immediately in the top results of Google. Your ads will be positioned in the engine after about 15 minutes. You are guaranteed the positioning of your website because you pay directly to Google. You will therefore generate highly qualified traffic very quickly and therefore increase your sales even in the space of a day.
One advantage of paid search is the ability to finely target your future customers with the keywords that have previously chosen and which are most sought after by consumers. For example, if you sell used cars, you can either put on a generic keyword like “sales cars occasions” or position on a so-called long tail search (query with multiple keywords) as “car sales opportunities clio 3 black 85cv 2011 “which will be more relevant and targeted. The consumer already knows their needs. You can also set certain criteria such as population distribution language, time, geographical area (cities, regions) and you decide the geolocation of your prospects. You touch an audience and ultra targeted then increasing your conversion rate (ratio visits / sales).
With Adwords, PPC platform Google, you have total control over your daily budget by determining how much you want to invest. Once a user clicks on your link you are charged. The price tags vary depending on the competition because it is a model auction. They can range from € 0.05 for keywords and purchased some very specific to several euros for the most competitive keywords (eg, mutual insurance, banking). Therefore, it is vital not to err on the strategy of choice keywords. You can buy very expensive and keywords that earn you nothing.
We help you in the management and strategic optimization of your Google Adwords budget. This involves primarily the right choice of keywords based on your offer and your target customer and a good structure and configuration of your campaigns. Usually after a few months of optimizations, your sales will increase in proportion to your Adwords budget.

Price comparison sites or shopbots allow your prospective customers to find you more easily. The price comparisons are based on the system of search engines. Thanks to them, you get a qualified audience. Indeed, the comparator generates a lot of traffic and users that are looking for are likely to stumble upon your site. Your products and your logo can be seen that develops your awareness, as well as reviews on your online store that will reassure the user and motivate them to buy.

According to Comscore, France is the European country where the price comparison are most visited by consumers with 4 out of 10 French consumers. It is therefore essential to include price comparisons in your strategy to increase your visibility. This is an essential lever in the strategy of major French e-tailers. Shopbots the most visited are, Shopzilla, Twenga, Always according to ComScore, the interest for the consumer to go to a shopbotsis to find a product quickly and easily while saving money.
Shopbots increase your conversion rate (ratio visits / sales). Indeed, users present on the buying guides are already in a process of a purchase. Once on your site, they will be more likely to buy your products.
Since the generation of your product catalogs for each indicator to the online and monitoring and optimizing your campaigns in the price comparison, Prediseo help you to ensure the best return on investment while e-retailer seeking growth in double digits.

Web analytics is to analyze the behavior of users on a website using audience measurement tools like Google Analytics solutions, Xiti, Omniture or Woopra. The objective is to improve the conversion rate of your pages is to say the ratio: number of visitors / number of sales. In France, the conversion rate websites on average is 1,5%. However, it may vary depending on the type of business belongs to your site (household goods 0,9%, clothing 1,7%, 1,4% tech devices). Through a behavioral analysis of users using analytics tools, you will be able to increase your conversion rate.

The advantage of analytics is to understand the user. You will be able to know about the means by which your visitors arrive on your website. Is it social networks? By links pointing to your site? By the search engines? With what keywords users have they found my site? All these elements will help to improve your strategy and increase your visibility. Should I increase my visibility on social networks? What keywords should I work to bring visitors to my site? The analytics answers all these questions.
The analytics also lets you know how much time the user spends on your site, when he leaves your website (bounce rate), how many pages he has visited? Please note that currently in most web startups, 1 of 2 with only 10 seconds on your site, 1 of 2 never return, and that 30-60% of Internet users do not visit that a single page of your site so that you may offer thousands. These items will allow you to correct quickly optimize the presentation of your offer to maximize return on investment. Be aware that many factors can affect your conversion rate as website design,commercial animation (sales, flash sales), items related to the offer (product availability, delivery costs …).
It will be possible to optimize the presentation of your offer through A / B testing is used to test and compare two different pages. The goal is to leave your page A, then the decline in B optimized page. In general, page B has a better design and a more appropriate text. When you have identified what is the most relevant page, it is necessary to refine these results with a test MVT (multivariate). In this test, we keep the page A or B but there varied internal elements in the page to optimize the page and increase your conversion rate.
You can know exactly how you relate your SEO investment, or how you relate your investment in PPC. For example, for every euro invested in SEO, you can know exactly how much you earn.

The Social Media Optimization or referencing social is a set of techniques and actions through social networks to attract visitors to your site and expand your awareness. It also helps build customer loyalty by creating a relationship of proximity. According to a study MacKinsey, 63% of respondents were more efficient in their marketing strategy through the use of social networks and 50% of these companies have been able to reduce their marketing investments by optimizing their Social Media strategy.

The SMO is a true complement of SEO, it first allows an acceleration of time indexing your pages. In addition, optimizing your Social Media strategy and presence on the major social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and you can gain positions in the search results. Indeed, a test was conducted by the agency Tasty Placement and shows the importance of social networks in your SEO strategy. This test shows example with 70 divisions and 50 “like”, you can earn an average of 7 positions in Google. Also, gathering only 100 subscribers on your Google+ page, you can earn on average 15 positions in the ranking results of a search engine.
Each social network has its own characteristics and is intended for a certain type of users. The goal is not to be on all platforms but to be social on social networks that corresponds to your customers. According to a study by BNP Paribas, 79% of French executives believe that social networks are useful for business communication around the brand, but also to recruit and bring the customer point of sale. For example, to communicate your brand, it will be wise to use Facebook to bring the customer point of sale, you can use Twitter, informing them of the latest promotions, and recruitment or commerce BtoB, you can use Linkedin or Viadeo.
In France, there are 26 million active users on Facebook, 5 million users on Twitter and on Google+ 4,000,000. Your presence is so crucial to grow your visibility. It is a way to generate traffic and benefit from the social networking audience. You can create a community, develop and engage your network and establish a dialogue and build customer loyalty.
Social media has significant power on the perception of the brand by its customers. 80% of what’s being said about your business is generated by users, it is important to use social networks to monitor your online reputation and creating a positive image of your business. When you publish on social networks, your message will be relayed by your community, it will be amplified and affect a large number of users.

SEO is an area increasingly complex Google algorithms change every day, for example, with the last major update: Panda and Penguin. We send you our knowledge and expertise. Thus, we give you the tools to succeed in your SEO strategy. By implementing our advice, you will be able to increase the visibility of your website.

This training applies to all persons wishing to develop the awareness and visibility of its website, such as responsible marketing / communication, product managers, sales managers and webmasters. By training your employees in new techniques of e-marketing, you develop the competitiveness of your business by developing your skills, but also you Empower and reward your employees. Perform internal SEO allows your company to be more responsive and independent. In addition, the in-house SEO will cost cheaper than agency.
Our training aims to make you discover the different levers referencing that fit your strategy and you will increase the visibility of your website in search engines. Our courses take place on your premises, on a half-day, full day or two days, they adapt to the needs of your business, the number of trainees and their level of e-marketing.
With this training, you will be able to perform actions on your site to improve SEO. You can also better understand the behavior of users on your site, analyze traffic and accurately measure the impact of your various marketing campaigns on your site.

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