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Now available in Standard or Premium, whatever your needs are Prediseo Rank can help.

Support Standard
Dedicated Support Team to improce your rank
Account Management
Implementation Specialist
Training from Prediseo experts  
Self-Service Support - Help Center, User Forum
Optional Certified Partner Support
Data Processing & Limits Standard Premium
Request processed per month 24 000 300 000
Positions processed in the search engine results page 50 120
Search term groups 4
per property
per property
Limits per search terms group
Search terms 50 5000
Search engines 4 100
Competitors 4 100
Workflow Standard Premium
Intuitive UI, Rapid Set Up
Export report functionality
Service Level Agreements & Guarantees Standard Premium
Freshness 12+ Hours 4 hours or less
(98% of the time)
Collection 99.9%
Reporting 99%
Service Level Guarantees
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